Chickens in the Jungle


The chickens look right at home in their newly inhabited “jungle”.  The jungle is an area next to where the coop was just moved last Saturday.  It was a plastic deer fence enclosed area that had overgrown with brambles, weeds and tall grasses over the past few years.   Something was once being protected by the deer fence, but it’s had to see what it once was.  Now the chickens are helping us out with the clearing of this area.  They have already made paths in the grass that has been eaten and trodden down to a mat of fallen grass and weeds.  Little chicken highways through the jungle, as it were.  They sit in the shade of the tall weeds when they aren’t eating the grass or hunting for bugs.  Chickens blending in with and hiding in the jungle, the way they have beeen doing for thouands of years.  A free lunch and a free  range in a new fangled jungle.


One Response to “Chickens in the Jungle”

  1. steephollowchickenlady Says:

    Chickens like a lot of things. Today chickens were observed taking serious dirt baths. Also chickens discovered they like cut up pears.

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