Our First Jumbo Egg


A couple of days ago I found a really large egg.  It was easily the largest I have seen so far.  I did a little research and discovered that we have our first jumbo egg.  To be classed as “jumbo” an egg must weigh at least 2.5 ounces.  Our egg weighed 2.6 ounces (73.8 g.) and measured 2-11/16 inches (6.8 cm.) by 1-3/4 inches (4.4 cm.)  And it was from a hen that was not quite 6 months old!  (Most of our hens turned 6 months old on Aug. 15-16.)  It was a double-yolker to boot!  Good work little hen.


One Response to “Our First Jumbo Egg”

  1. Thomas Quinn Says:

    Congratulations on getting such good notice from the Ithaca Journal.
    It sounds a lot like you are running a pastured poultry operation. We too raise non confined mobile eggs here in Dryden.
    We have been doing so for a few years now and have been fairly successful.
    We also raise broiler/fryer chickens on pasture. We began our project on the model developed by Joel Salatin (Pastured Poultry Profits.published by Poly face Farm.) In the past few years we have adapted the plan to fit i with our New York seasons.
    We sell our eggs from a roadside stand(on Irish Settlement Road) and at the Cortland East End Farmer’s Market.
    I’m curious; how do you sort and weigh your eggs?
    What prices do you get for yours?
    How do you deal with the compost materials during the winter?
    I would love to see your operation some time. Where are you located?
    You are welcome to visit our website: http://www.quinnsirishhillfarm.com
    I will soon be posting photos of our mobile eggmobile.
    Good luck!
    Tom Quinn
    Quinn’s Irish Hill Farm
    Card Rd.
    Freeville, NY

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