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Hurray, thanks for the article, Ithaca Journal

January 28, 2010

We were thrilled to receive front page coverage for the Sustainable Chicken Project, thanks, Stacey Shackford and photographer Simon Wheeler. I really love the angle he got for the photo, with Tom in front and the big barn and pond in the background. And thanks, Simon…your caption under the photo describes the project perfectly…”the chickens eat insects and worms found in the compost made from food waste collected in Ithaca.” This gives us an opportunity to clarify that we compost all the food scraps collected from households in Ithaca…we want more organic inputs on the farm, so we will appreciate having the compost come planting time. And yes, we’ll let the hens forage in the finished compost to see what tasty bugs they can find. They are very good ‘spreaders’ of anything in a neat pile.


Appearances can be deceiving

January 28, 2010

So it’s different in the chicken world. The snappiest dressers are not necessarily the best producers. In fact, those chickens with the bright red combs and glossy black feathers might be culled, yes, that word is just as chilling as you might think, because they are obviously putting their energy into appearance and not into production. I wish someone would look at me and say,’she looks a little worn out…faded comb, legs not so bright yellow, wow, that’s a productive woman, keep her!’