We began this project with the intention of feeding organic poultry feed and have not wavered, although the cost is about twice that of regular pountry feed. We used chick starter from Lakeview Organic Grain Mill in Penn Yan, NY, and it was lovely fragrant stuff, so sweet smelling that I wanted to run my fingers through it, and lift it to smell the perfume. Then we bought organic laying pellets from Agway. There was nothing beautiful about them but there was some satisfaction in communicating our demand for organic to the traditional supplier. After solving a few logistical hurdles we again bought locally produced organic Chicken Layer Mash from Lakeview, and I opened the first bag with great anticipation of that sweet aroma and was surprised to find the aroma of, well, the beach! A quick look at the tag told me why. After the organic corn, organic roasted soybeans, organic oats, comes CRABMEAL, aragonite, Fertrell Poultry Balancer which includes SEAWEED meal). A whole host of other aspergillus and lactobacillus compounds round out the ingredients. 


2 Responses to “Crabcakes?!”

  1. thomas quinn Says:

    Well, you know, organic is organic.
    There is a difference between organic and natural.

    • steephollowchickenlady Says:

      What do you mean about the diffference between oganic and natural…all the feed we buy is certified organic…what are you getting at?

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