More E B White


He writes that he can “squeeze everything (he) knows about chickens into a single paragraph”, including the advice to “Tie your shoelaces in a double knot in the morning when you get dressed, since hens are under the impression that shoelaces are worms”
My advice would be to always wear a hat when tending chickens. More than once a friendly hen has taken a notion to fly up and land on my head and appears to have every intention of staying there for a good long time. Perhaps it is one of the three hens who like to roost on the top shelf of what might have been nest boxes until we found out that hens prefer to lay eggs in low down places. At night every other hen, well, except one, (more in the next post on this,) is on the roosts, cuddled up against her neighbor, but three big hens want to hang out on the top shelf. way up high. Since we gave up expecting anyone to lay in those boxes I don’t try to move them. Hens like to lay their eggs in a box where someone else has laid an egg, so four boxes would probably be sufficient for the 95 hens, and we might find 1-10 eggs per box.


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