Congratulate Yourselves


Our customers deserve praise. By going out of your way to eat our eggs you are an important part of the Sustainable Chicken Project. We read an interesting sentence on the web site for the Alexandre Family EcoDairy Farm web site,
“Where does your food come from?
Do you deserve good food?
There are so many reasons why we can’t have both cheap and good food. Many ‘organic’ eggs are produced in factory farms where the birds never touch the ground, experience open air, or eat grass. These things require space and time, which increase costs.


One Response to “Congratulate Yourselves”

  1. Will McMillan Says:

    I brought a dozen eggs from Ithaca to Boston and have been savoring them two at a time.

    It is kind of sad that good food tends to cost more — but it is even sadder that we humans ever thought we could apply a factory mentality to living, breathing beings such as chickens or pigs.


    Hurrah for food raised more sustainably and less destructively!

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