About the Sustainable Chicken Project.

The goal of the Steep Hollow Farm Sustainable Chicken Project is to raise laying hens for eggs in a manner that is as sustainable as possible–using as few fossil fuel resoures as possible and reducing our gneration of greenhouse gaes to the extent possible.  This includes shifting from a grain-based diet to a  more non-traditional, highly varied diet of locally grown plant-based materials, the decomposing organisms in active compost, insect larva and other neutirent dense foods.   More information will be provided as the project evolves.


2 Responses to “About the Sustainable Chicken Project.”

  1. steephollowchickenlady Says:

    We also want to create urban/rural loops and connections…collect the table scraps from downtown residents who don’t have time, inclination, space, or permission to compost, compost those urban scraps here at the farm, which is just three miles from the city, eventually supplement the expensive grain based feed for the chickens by letting them forage for insect protein in the finished compost, and offer the eggs back to the veggie scrap contributors on a subscription basis. And we have 4 of the 40 members we want already! Thanks city partners!

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